We are a coalition of diverse professionals uniting together to curate change in the beauty industry. This movement is fueled by passion, skills, resources, and education to help individuals accomplish their goals. Our mission is to create an elevated experience that leaves a transformative impact on the individuals we serve.


Master Hairstylist &
Makeup Artist

Hello Beautiful! I am Brittany, your beauty counselor and co-owner of Society 11:11. Many know me from my expanded growth with BJohn Beauty- my personal brand.  I have many years of experience doing hair and makeup as a freelance artist in the beauty industry. My specialties range from soft glam to published editorial looks. 


My role as RVA Fashion Week Beauty Director has allowed me to share my knowledge and education working in the fashion industry as well.  My desire to expand and diversify my knowledge has allowed me to develop a national and international portfolio of publishings and certifications. 


My gift runs deep in making others feel amazing about themselves internally and externally. Passion drives me to create a community of like-minded professionals motivated to seek change with the client experience and professional development in the beauty industry. My goal is to ignite the change that people want to see.

Hey there!  I'm Candice, The Confidence Curator. I love to make people feel absolutely amazing whenever they are in my chair. I believe that beauty goes beyond what we see on the outside. It's a reflection of how we feel on the inside.


I've been growing and developing my makeup artistry since 2013 and I've loved every minute of the journey.  I've been blessed to train under Tiyana Robinson, Sam Fine, Danessa Myricks and many more. I've been published in digital and print magazines, featured in national blogs, and TV and film projects.  Also fun fact: I'm not exactly counting but I think I've done over 250 weddings.

I'm excited to take my years knowledge and experiences, partnered with Brittany and bring them to other beauty professionals, creating learning and earning opportunities for them as well!


Master Makeup Artist



Angela is your go-to when it comes to skin and relaxation. With almost a decade of experience, Angela will ensure you are on track with personal regimens and self-care maintenance. Angela's knowledge goes more than skin deep. She backs up her knowledge and recommendations with her background in Biology.

Breana is a makeup artist with a heart for beauty.  Soft glam or full glam, Breana customizes each look to insure confidence is the final finishing touch.  Breana leads with passion and loves a challenge. Breana rocks the set working with TV/Film. 

Haley is a devoted hairstylist dedicated to the education and confidence of others. Haley's specialty in natural, curly hair has transformed the awareness and movement of natural hair styling.  Haley's diverse skills allow her to create a unique and personalized experience for all of her clients.


Cierra is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in soft and full glam makeup.  Cierra loves to create an experience that makes you feel good from the inside out. Beauty is her specialty and she can not wait to have you in her chair.

Alicia is a professional makeup artist with 5 years of experience in the bridal industry! Her specialty lies in traditional and airbrush makeup artistry with a love for skincare. Alicia provides each client with quality makeup artistry and education on how to maintain healthy skin habits!


Khatera has an all time eye for beauty when it comes to hair and makeup.  From every day looks to luxury bridal, Khatera has the expreience to create your ultimate look.  For those wanting looks that last, Khatera also offers permenant makeup services as an enhanced benefit to beauty.